Aerospace/Mission Critical Software Content

Our software design and architecture solutions for mission critical software have enabled on-time mission completion and supported the safety and validation checks that are critical to the successful completion of missions.

Software, Systems and Database re-engineering

We are closely integrated with the Mission Assurance business units at NASA and JPL, and have engineered a number of products for them. Doing so, we have redefined numerous business processes, and encouraged collaboration between divisions where none existed. Our solutions are mission critical and have provided a number of cost and business benefits to the NASA team.

Our products:

PARS. Parts Acquisition and Review is a product we’ve created for JPL to serve a line organization that processes parts for all JPL missions. PARS has streamlined the parts acquisition process and has reduced cost by enforcing communication between the business units. The product allows for common buys which allows volume buys across projects and sub systems, and also prevents duplicate work and duplicate purchases.

IOM. Is a web-based product that enables an effortless way of capturing and maintaining engineering work product information, provides a knowledge base, and can store any type of work product, including documents, cad drawings and images.

MAIS. Is the umbrella product for mission assurance information systems.

4 activities

  1. Reliability engineering tracking
  2. Environmental assurance tracking
    1. Environmental test verification using hardware tests
    2. Environmental verification through non-test methods
  3. Electronic parts engineering


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