Public Sector

We understand the sensitivity and importance of privacy and data security required for government, and are better positioned to come up with solutions that provide the integrity and at times, transparency required for e-government solutions.

We have provided several solutions for highly sensitive systems and revamped business processes for large institutions. Our processes are well integrated and encourage communication between business units that did not previously exist.

Driving long-term change:

We are interested in providing technology to support governance, creating e-government solutions that project transparency, examine existing workflows and functional tasks, and re-vamp business processes as needed.

We are interested in moving from paper based spreadsheet solutions and disparate databases to electronic, integrated  well thought solutions.

Trusted Advisors

We have served as an extension of the management team, and participated on several occasions as a critical decision maker. We have advised on the right technology, influenced a number of business processes, and we currently serve as a technology partner not only on software application development but also on other business and technology matters from systems engineering, to server installation, to whether data should be stored on the cloud.

Business Continuity and Risk Management

We are familiar with the requirements of business continuity and also with risk mitigation.


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