Technology Process

Different projects call for different strategies and techniques; we use a combination of evolutionary, agile and adaptive methodologies. As senior technology partners, we are able to evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of various approaches, and select what is appropriate for each clients’ respective environment and business/project constraints. We do not expect our customers to know what they need. Only through successive cycles of discussions, Q&A sessions, design mockups and working prototypes can we understand the customers’ need and create a useful solution. Client engagement, effective solutions, timely and cost effective deliveries are key to our success.

We focus on the “rapid creation and evolution” of software systems, and welcome change and uncertainty as part of the development process. Our methods are people oriented rather than process oriented; we value and encourage open communication and collaboration at an interpersonal and cultural level, and these focused collaborative sessions ultimately determine the effectiveness of the delivered product. We focus all decisions around the client’s business needs and the project’s mission, using that mission as a way of continually asking – are we on the right track? We use lean and effective design methods and documentation, rather than following a bureaucratic, excessively documented approach which slows down the pace of development.

In addition, we normally work with key stakeholders that understand the business process in the organization. We understand that requirements can be ever-changing. The adaptive approach allows us to keep the client engaged in the decision making process and ensure the success of the project. The adaptive method uses speculation and collaboration until the software requirements are clearly established and available. With each iteration, the business process, and changes to that process are better defined enabling us and the client to fully understand it. This approach also allows us to determine quickly whether an “approach is feasible, quickly discover unknowns, compare different technologies and provide more confident estimates.”

Product Success

Here is how we measure our product success:

Time to market – rapid prototyping and cost-effective approaches result in rapid
deployment and delivery of products.

Measurable business benefits – established business standards, higher measurable
revenues, lower costs

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